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It is frustrating to work on your AR-15 without the right tools. Similar to a manufacturing assembly strategy, you need an AR-15 jig set, which allows you to precisely hold your 80% lower during the milling process. These AR-15 tools line up your receiver for the trigger pin, hammer pin, and safety selector and can act as vise jaws to clamp your lower for any procedure.

Our AR-15 milling jig assemblies allow you to keep the receiver in place as you use a CNC or manually machine the pockets and holes necessary for completion. Many of our customers have successfully machined their lowers with a drill press, XY table and our jig. Accurate machining is critical to the success of your 80% build and our AR-15 jig makes the entire process easier and much more precise.

Make sure to download an AR-15 diagram while ordering from TR Enabling. These diagrams give you key details about specific parts, from milling information to basic specifications and prove themselves invaluable with every build.